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"Words are, of course, the most powerful drug

used by mankind."

Rudyard Kipling

As a confirmed bookaholic, I am delighted that there is no cure. So many books, so little time.


My experience includes PR, journalism (trade journals, company journals and ghosting articles for in-house magazines), editing and proofreading for indie authors and traditional publishers in a variety of genres which include fiction, travel, wildlife, health, biographies, other non-fiction and theses. A selection of of the many books are shown on the portfolio page.


Along the way, I have studied psychology, philosophy and communications (not IT!) and travelled widely.


My rates are reasonable - I usually offer a single quote for two complete edits and a final proofread,  at a rate less than for many single edits.  I have no desire to fleece anyone - just to offer a comprehensive and conscientious service. 


*Some comparative rates:

                   UK                    USA               South Africa         NZ                            Ireland             

Basic copyediting

                from £26.20      $30-40 per    R350-550 p.h.       from $20 per         €25-35 per       

                  per hour                hour          R200-400 per                                        1,000 words                                                                               1,000 words


Heavy copy editing

                from £28.20      $40-50 per      R350-550 p.h.      $700-1750 up        €40 per hour 

                 per hour                   hour          R200-600 per       to 50,000 words     

                                                                     1,000 words        

                                                                                                    $1600-3000 up

Developmental, substantive, structual, line edits              to 100,000 words                                                                                                                                                                       

                £30.20               $45-60 per      R400-600 ph        $2500+ over            €40+ per hour

                per hour             hour                 R600-800 per         100,000 words

                                                                          1,000 words                              


Fact  checking                           

                  -                          $35-60 per       R300-400 p.h.                  -                          -

                                                  hour            R300-900 per

                                                                        1,000 words



               from £16 per       $30-35 p.h.                    -                            -                          -

               1,000 words


Manscript Evaluation 

                from £22.50      $45-55 p.h.       R300-500 p.h.                   -                          -

                   per hour


*Rates are from The Editorial Freelancers Association USA, SAFREA South Africa,  New Zealand online freelance rates, Society for Freelance Editors UK and Irish online freelance rates. 


Editing Hours

Light editing a 70,000+ can take 25-45 hours

|Medium editing can take 30-90 hours 

Substantive editing can take 70-350 hours


My Rates

Basic editng                 £12.00 per 1,000 words

Medium editing           £15.00 per 1,000 words

Substantive editing    £18,00 per 1,000 words

Proofreading               from £10.00 per 1,000 words 


Please feel free to send a sample of your work for a quotation.



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